Kitty corner

Recently our family size has grown by two. We took two lovely cats under our roof. The first, Didi, was found by my parents from a nearby field. The second, Unikko, we picked from an animal shelter in Raahe. Didi is quite a rascal and it’s actually sometimes exhausting to satisfy a little kitten’s need of play. Now that we have Unikko, it’s his problem. :)

But anyway, to the title of the story. I searched for cat climbing trees from internet and many of the regular examples didn’t satisfy my sense of aesthetics. But I did find some nice ones also, so I built a nice looking climbing corner for the cats using my internet finds as a basis for the plan.

General view of the kitty corner. The cat on the sofa is Didi. Here you can also see a preview of the half-panels in the corner room. I’m not posting any more pictures of the room so far because the room is not quite finished yet (floors need sanding and varnishing; there’s battens missing, etc.).

Unikko is spectating at Didi’s talented climbing.

I’m clicker training the cats. Here I am guiding Didi to the top hanging cat basket using a guide stick, clicker and cat yummies. Didi is taking a shortcut.

The queen of the castle!

Some points about the construction:

The baskets were made by sawing a spiral with band saw to edge glued boards. The table was tilted about 10 degrees. The tilting of the table prohibits the spiral’s inner part falling too much. The beginning of the spiral was glued back together.

There’s a scratching post on the wall (which the cats haven’t used much yet, unfortunately – ┬áthe stuffing between the logs is much more interesting!). It was made by sawing many closely separated grooves to a board with a table saw.

The stairs cat be adjusted to a variable angle.


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