Laziness – the mother of inventions

After buying a laptop I thought I’d make a stand for it so that I could work while lying on the bed or sitting comfortably in an arm chair. I’d seen pictures of something like this so that was the basis from which I set out to do mine.

First I was just going to build “something” the quick and dirty way, and basic wooden parts were indeed ready in about 1.5 hours. But then I got carried away and tweaked, spackled, sanded, painted and made fancy height adjustment knobs for maybe another 3-4 hours.

The height and angle of the laptop support and the height of the mouse pad can be adjusted separately. If I’m lying on the bed they must be higher and laptop angle has to be steeper than when sitting in an arm chair.

In the autumn of the year before last I scavenged old theater benches¬†with my wife from a burned down workers’ association building. They were kinda long, maybe 6 seats in one bench, but cutting away every second chair I made a bunch of single chairs. From those extra pieces (back rests) I made the laptop support and mouse pad. Looks good!

(BTW, a while ago we were cleaning places with my wife and she asked if I still wanted to save those extra bench pieces. I wanted and argued that “you never know when you need those.” To this my wife said: “You sure don’t.” Now I could needle her back and say: “You sure don’t!”)

Of course the seat numbers are almost covered when the laptop and mouse are in place. Bummer, because they are neat.

So now I’ve boosted my productivity to the max and can work even while lying down!


EDIT (25.8. 2010): I have since added wheels for the laptop stand so that it’s easier to push aside, but I’m too lazy to add any pictures.


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