Outer hall (almost) finished

Our outer hallway is almost finished. I’ve been doing it last two and a half weeks, 10-14 hour days.

We tried to bring some Indian feeling to it. Since we loved the colonial English architecture (especially hotel Prince) in Mussoorie on our last visit to India, we took the popular colors green and white from there.

The big panel doors were in the house already when we bought it but I had to restore them first. Two of them were so badly burned that I had to put plywood on the backside. That’s alright since  it only shows when you open them. I made the upper cabinet doors myself.

The folding seats were inspired by some pictures from internet but I had to design the exact mechanism. I wanted them as flat as possible since the room is not that wide.

The hat shelf and shoe rack are made by me. There are “trays” under the shoe racks so that if dirt falls from the shoes, it doesn’t fall on the shoes below. The trays can be pulled out and cleaned. I bought a shoe dryer which I put on the wall inside the cabinet.

The key cabinet was found from the junkyard and was made by someone called “Teuvo” at school. I modified it a bit.

Floor tiles and seals are brown simply because it doesn’t show dirt so well and we bring it in all the time in our shoes.

The elephant head handles were bought from Rishikesh. They also bring Indian atmosphere.

I still need to make the door between outer and inner hallway (that’s why the title says “almost” finished). Then we need a bronze Shiva statue on the key cabinet, a red carpet and an old Indian man in white uniform, red turban and an old Enfield rifle on his shoulder standing by the door…

Here are some pictures:


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