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Jimi Hendrix birthday cake

I made us a birthday cake, because it was my birthday recently. I make them always the same way (the best way): I bought a cake base from a grocery store, wetted each surface with peach juice (the juice that’s in a can of peaches… it’s mostly sugar water), put jam (strawberry is good and raspberry too), banana slices and peach slices on each layer. On top of all I put whipped cream (remember to put sugar in the cream). But this time I also made an especially nice decoration. I drew Jimi Hendrix’s face from a poster we have on paper and cut the “mask” off with scissors. Then I put the pieces on the cake and threw some nonpareils (colored sugar balls) on it. Then I picked the nonpareils off the mask and drew the pieces of paper carefully off. Here’s the poster:

Jimi poster

And here’s the cake: