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Hippie guitar

I made this guitar a while back and actually it took a couple of years to finish. There was a long period of “idling” in the middle though, and finally, tired of looking at the half done guitar, I just finished it in a zap. First I bought a used Jackson Charvette guitar (looked pretty awful – somebody had painted a “nice” spider web thing on it) and took it apart. I painted the guitar with base paint and sanded it. I looked up 60’s spirited pictures from internet and printed them with a laser printer and then glued the pictures on the guitar. Finally I put clear plastic with glue on the other side on top of all (the same stuff that you use to cover books). Sounds simple but it took two years. :) The explanation is that I was going to look for more pictures for some empty spots, but because I never got around to it, I thought heck and just covered the guitar with the plastic… The empty spots don’t stand out much, since the base painting is black and white as are the pictures. Here’s a picture (this time it’s a bit bigger than my usual pictures, so that you can see at least some details):


Oh yes, and the guitar is ok to play. :)