About Facebook

To those few who don’t know yet what is, it’s a place where you compete on the basis of who has most friends, because, as you know, the quantity of friends is more important than the quality of friends as some poor people still think. You also try to fill in your page with all kinds of gadgets so that even the owner of the page can’t read it. You can play rock, paper and scissors and other as instructive and exciting games. You can also join causes, such as “save the dolphins” or “honor the war veterans”. Those are really neat, because you can just join a cause, but you don’t actually have to do anything for the cause. You can just join, feel good about yourself for a moment and then forget it with a clear conscience. Reading your email is too easy and fast. Facebook also has a solution for this. Your friends can send you messages to Facebook! You get notifications of arrived messages to your email. Then you open a web browser, login to Facebook and read your messages there! An extra step for reading messages! Hooray! For all this you spend a lot of time and it saves you from doing stupid stuff like studying or working! You also help the owners of Facebook to get their dreamhouse on Bimini and a dozen luxorious cars! That’s why I joined Facebook and you should too!


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