Turtle tank filter

Today there’s a lot of posts of what I’ve made. :) I made a filter for our turtles’ tank. The previous filter, Sacem Marathon 2000 quit the job with a motor meltdown. That one circled 2000 l/h, but I wanted even more efficient filter and more filter material, because, you know, four turtles produce a lot of shit.

So I planned making a wet-dry sump filter. In this kind of filter, the water flows through an overflow box to a sump, which is on the floor (or lower than the water level in the tank anyway). There’s filter material in the sump. From the sump the water is pumped back to the tank.

Here’s a couple of pictures of the overflow box I made:

Overflow box 1

Overflow box 2

 Just type overflow box on google to get more information about their principle, if you don’t understand it from the pictures. This piece doesn’t look expensive, but actually cost me about 40 euros! The most expensive part was the clear pipe (25 e for a short stump) and pipe angles (about 6 euros each). I tried to make the overflow pipe of garden hose first, but this didn’t give enough flow. Those boxes are just breakfast serial containers. The piping going down to the sump was “borrowed” from my parent’s garage. They have piles of piping stuff (they used to be in that business).

The sump is made of a couple of storage boxes (with wheels under – WHOAAA! :)). Two of them just in case one of them leaks. The filter material is put in smaller storage boxes on whome I drilled lots of holes on the cover and bottom. The hose from the pump to the tank is supported right over the surface of the tank’s water, so that if there’s power cut or the pump breaks, the return hose won’t suck the tank empty. Here’s a picture:


Here’s the whole tank (I made that one too myself):


The turtles also have a ramp so they can walk on the floor any time they want. Usually they don’t, so we take them out of the tank every day for an hour or so and block the ramp so that they can’t climb right back. Basically only time they come on the floor voluntarily is when they are having eggs and they are looking for a place to dig them. Then they try to dig holes through the floor. If they do this in the summer, they can dig their eggs outside. In the winter the situation is more problematic. We have a big box full or dirt. Sometimes they dig their eggs there, sometimes not…

There’s also a level at the back of the tank where they can warm up under regular glow bulbs and a UV lamp.

Happy turtle – I hope:



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