The House

Now finally about the house. We are fixing an old timber school to be our home. We bought it in the spring 2003. The roof has leaked, there was a fire in the early 90’s, and there’s water damage from frozen and broken pipings as well as from fire fighting water. Some of the lowest timbers and the corners under leaking roof were rotten. Here’s how it looked like in summer 2005:

The school in summer 2005

A lot had been done by the time of the picture. We had scraped of the old paint from many places and painted the walls. Most of the rotten timber had been replaced. Most windows had been renovated. The roof had been washed (that was hard: about 4 weeks on the roof in a tiring position with a pressure washer) and the almost all tiles had been painted (that was even harder than washing them). I had made new foundation rocks for the new part of the house with a gas driven rock drill (made you feel like a man as the drill was almost as high as I was and made a pretty loud noise). The floors had been opened and new boards placed under the floor (I had to adjust those last autumn). Almost all fire places’ (there are 7 in total) foundations had been surrounded with concrete (there were rocks before). New supports were made under the floor. In the picture you see the signs of the fire: black areas on the right. The white timber in the corner is the replacement of the rotten timber: that’s were the roof had leaked. The wall on the other side of the roof had similar damage: it’s been fixed there, now. The roof is nicely blue :)

 This is how the house looks like now:

The house in summer 2006

The new part has a roof on it :) Inside doesn’t look as good…

Inside summer 2006

…but we are getting there. Slowly. It looks a bit better now that I’ve finished the wall on the right side of the ovens and cleaned a bit.

 This is our life too. Our turtles Tinttu, Tanttu, Leevi and Ralph spend sometimes some time on the construction site. They have a nice pool at my parents’ house on the other side of Siikajoki (Siika river), but the place on the construction site where this little “pool” is, is very warm and there’s plenty of dirt to dig eggs into (they are impossible when they’re having eggs if they can’t dig them somewhere).

The turtles on the construction site

Here’s one more picture for now:


That’s a tractor we borrowed from our neighbour to do some yard work. It’s a Nuffield tractor. That tractor had ‘nuf power (are you guessing where this site got its name?).


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