Transsexual cake

Last autumn my wife and my friends’ girlfriends decided to celebrate the very first men’s day and surprise us with this cake:

This year my friends and I naturally had to pay back. Since the women’s day, Finnish women’s equality day and my birthday were very close to each other, we decided to combine the events. So I had to make a cake that had something for everyone. Thus the transsexual cake:

It had tits for me and penis for the girls. Everything went great and even my wife had no idea. Perfect surprise!


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  • Sarah:

    Where did you purchase this ? I am looking for a similar transsexual cake for my friend’s fiancee…

  • webmaster:

    I didn’t purchase it, I made it myself. There are many cake blogs which have instructions to make titty cakes and other stuff. The body is regular layered cake. I bought the cake layers and wetted them with peach juice. Between the layers there is strawberry jam, peach and banana. Tits are made separately into bowls and then turned upside down on the body. Then the body is covered with sugar frosting and that is covered with marzipan. The penis is made of marzipan. Then you apply paint (grocery color), niples (made of marzipan), nonpareils and whatever you need. Or you may have some cake shop in your city that makes cakes on request.


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