Some advancement

Here some new pictures of things I’ve done lately.

First there’s the indoor sauna and bathroom. Sauna is almost finished (still some battens missing around the door). It’s pretty basic but there are some innovations: the seats are hinged to the wall and you can haul them up with winches for easy cleaning – you can almost stand straight under them. Before hauling you have to detach those grills under the seats. Sauna stool (stairs) have wheels under them for easy moving. If you tilt the stool a bit the wheels touch the floor and there you go.

Shower is very DIY-style. It’s made of standard copper and brass plumbing parts (took some heavy polishing!). Shower head is made by forcing copper sheet around a mold (well there were other stages as well…). Shower handles are polished brass and teak. The shower walls are custom made – frame with the same principle as the shower. Glass sheets inside the frame were made by a glazing company. I sandblasted those patterns to them myself (this job only took a week, together with the sandblasting of sauna’s door – my compressor is weak).

And my pride and joy, sink cabinet, is also completely made by me. The boards are birch, thin strips glued together and veneered with oak. All drawers and other joints too are dovetailed (kalanpyrstöliitokset in Finnish). The table top is covered with copper sheet. I found the sink from a junkyard and painted it. We ordered the faucet from a foreign web store. The cabinet has a motorcycle theme, with the motorcycle headlight on top and other vehicle lights around the mirror (mirror was also custom cut, drilled and beveled). There are motorcycle badges on the drawers, made by me (it took a month to figure out how to make them – if you’re interested in the procedure, ask me). And of course, because this is a motorcycle cabinet and motorcycle lights have low and high beam, so do these (see the image)!


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