Humane mouse trap

We were watching tv in our parents house and then we saw it. Mickey. Fievel. It ran behind the tv shelf. My wife tried to scare it from the other side and I was lurking on the other, planning to throw a cloth on it. No luck. We went on to watching tv and speculated that it surely would meet its end when my parents came back from abroad. My wife screamed: ”There it is!” I jumped up, but before I could move, it was behind the couch we were sitting on. ”Come on, come here”, I whispered to it on all fours, trying to locate the rodent. Blah. I stood up and then it ran again. I was right next to it and before I had the thought, it was behind the desk. Ok, it was way too fast for me. I browsed to google and typed ”humane mouse trap” (humane, because I like animals – even mice). The first link was to this excellent site. I followed the intructions on the page and made this trap:

The trap(click to enlarge)

As you can see, the trap is simple. You have a bowl upside down on top of some kind of rigid plate (cardboard in my trap). You make a stick with a 90 degree angle on it (I re-enforced the stick with tape and a nail) and stick a piece of cheese to the other end of it. Then you support the bowl with the stick as the image illustrates.

It was time for bed by that time and I went ahead. My wife was to follow me right after. She put something in the trash can and mouse jumped out of it on the floor and ran away! She screamed and then laughed :) We put the lights off and talked about the mouse a couple of minutes. Then we heard a slam as the bowl went down. I took a peek and there it was! We went back to bed dreaming mouse dreams and in the morning took the mouse a good distance away from the house (about 300m/yrds is quite enough since the territory of mice extends about 200m).

Mouse underneath  Mouse underneath #2 It’s quite cute.

See how fast the mouse was: We took pictures of the mouse’s departure with fast successive shots, three pictures a second.

Zero... 0 sec

One... 0.33 sec

Two... 0.66 sec

 I became a great fan of this trap: it’s clean (no blood and guts sprayed all over as with regular traps) and it’s humane (sometimes in regular traps the trap recoils because of the spring force, catching the mouse only by nose or something, and the mouse dies a long and agonizing death).

I guess the mouse was pretty pissed at us taking it outside to cold autumn weather. But I’m easing my conscience by thinking that if it knew that we probably saved its life (until an owl or cat gets it), it would be thankful. Besides, at least it had a belly full of cheese when it left us (it ate the whole bate).


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