Finally at home

Hello, it’s Liisa, the wife, blogging for the first time.

It’s been two months now living in our home. We even got a number for the house as it was just addressed as “previously the School”. And our own mailbox often storing a postcard or two thanks to my postcrossing hobby which I warmly recommend to anyone who likes sending and receiving postcards all over the wold! And the compost box I’m so proud of even though it’s uncertain whether it really works.

Feels like home although the renovation is ongoing. In any rented place you wouldn’t take it, but in your own place it’s okay to have pieces of plastic as doors, floor boards in place but not attached or going to the toilet or the camping-like shower almost by your front door. And everything is covered with the almighty renovation dust. But in our room we have everything we need: the turtles, or terrapins in their tank (and the upgraded filtering system!), our computers, the bed, the microwave oven and the heating stove which is working well.

Naturally it’s not all rainbow’s end. Waking up too early, hoping your clothes look civilized enough for work, biking in the dark (and I mean dark without streetlights half the way) on those sandy, snowy or icy roads fit for tractors rather than bikes, hoping the train is on time so you don’t have to freeze at the station. It’s now obvious to me that it’s not only the lack of public transportation which makes us country dwellers grab the wheel. But I’m still fighting not to grab it!

The kitchen stoves just don’t work properly sometimes and show a smokey temper completely unclear for us – luckily the one in our room works fine. Taking terrapins out for their daily walk means watching them closely as Leevi in particular sometimes finds her way through the plastic door and the pile of shoes covering the doorway and out of the room where it’s just too dangerous. Leevi is of course certain that Eldorado awaits behind the door.

Liisa with Tanttu and Ralph

Liisa is wrestling with Tanttu. Ralph wants to join in. On the backround there is an ultra-sound mouse repeller. We had to do something since there was a mouse running every morning, day and night on the ceiling paper making a lot of noise for such a small creature. You could see the paper move sometimes (we don’t have ceiling boards yet either)…


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