Tinttu Climbed the Mnt. Clothes

Things are a bit crowded at my present living place. I live at my parent’s, actually it is a small cabin next to my parent’s house.  I work the days at the school. I’m determined to make it faster now. In the evenings I’m too tired to do anything – at least clean the place, writing the blog is ok. The turtles don’t mind it though. At least they don’t complain about it. They live in the bathroom. Sometimes they even seem to enjoy all the messyness. They’ve got all kinds of things they can climb on – they love climbing on things. Shoes, bags, logs, you name it.

But Tinttu really made it. My wife suddenly screamed: “What the….?! How did you get there?!” Look at that turtle:

Tinttu climbing Tinttu climbing

Turtles. They are at least 210 million years old (at least older fossiles have not been found yet). That’s almost half of the time there’s been animals on Earth, even simple kind. They are approximately as old as crocodiles and sharks and they haven’t changed much during that whole time. They existed before the dinosaurs. Actually they were the first dinosaurs. The apes that stood on their hind legs and evolved into modern humans some 100,000 years ago lived about 10 million years ago. 10 million years is only about 2% of the time there’s been fauna on Earth.

There are tortoises who never drink and can survive months in blazing hot deserts without eating. There are turtles whose blood doesn’t freeze until it reaches a few subzero degrees and still they survive if half of their bodily fluids freeze. There are tortoises who are the slowest creatures on the Earth, but there are also turtles who have the fastest reflexes on the planet – one species is recorded to have caught it’s prey in 1/100th of a second. There are turtles who scour the seven seas and log hundreds of thousands of kilometers during their lifetime. The oldest of tortoises – who knows. One individual in Calcutta’s zoo was said to have been 250 years old when it died. I heard the oldest tortoise of all times lived in a French military fort – don’t remember the age. It didn’t die in old age – but because of an accident. Poor old lad had poor eyes and fell into a trench breaking his neck. These are the most wonderful and amazing creatures on the planet. Now that we are experiencing a mass extinction of species thanks to humans, it is my belief that if the turtles are lost, everything is lost.

Tinttu may be the future of turtles – a mountain turtle. She’s got very, very sharp nails and she loves using them. I’ve experienced that quite often. One more look at the route she took climbing the Mount Clothes (as a red line):

The Route



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