Tools for the tractor

I’ve owned a tractor for about nine months now. It’s the little old grey Ferguson -54, whose exciting story of acquiring I’ve written about earlier. First I made a snowplow for it. It’s good for pushing and pulling snow since the plate can be turned around and to a few angles. Although when the snow is wet, tyres lose traction easily. I’ve been planning to get snow chains for the tyres.

back plate  Snowplow

Snowplow can also be used to move around dirt, but it’s not really good for it, because usually dirt is so tight packet and it’s hard to get it where you want it in tight spot. I made a ground “scraper”/scoop which I’ve been using to scrape hard packet ground to piles:

 scraper Scraper/scoop

This is a funny looking thing. Basically I just attached a scoop to an old potato planting tool. There are still three plows for making grooves and seats for the people who were throwing seed potatos – I didn’t bother to remove those. Besides if I ever get into potato business I can turn this tool back to potato planting tool by just unscrewing the scoop!

When you’ve got the piles of dirt, you need a scoop to lift it, move it where you want it and to drop it. This one I finished just yesterday – took three days and about 100€ to make:

back scoop Back scoop

You can see the arm to release the load. It’s still a little bit too long – I keep hitting my head in it.

a closer view A closer view

The scoop is hinged to a three point attachment thing (again a part of an old potato planting instrument – removed the plows from this one though :) ) at the bottom and at the top there is a release mechanism.

release mechanism Release mechanism – light to use

I tested the scoop yesterday and yes, it’s better than snowplow for moving the dirt around. If you fill the whole scoop with dirt, the front wheels get up quite scaringly when driving forward. It’s got other tricks to use too but with a little practise and persuation the good will come.


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